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Exploring Sketchbook Explorations

I love my sketchbooks. I like to find sketchbooks made by artists. Everyone wins – I can make art and support another artist at the same time. Here’s a sketchbook I purchased from  White Rabbit in Iowa City, Iowa. It’s from an Etsy artist Papyrus and Reed. I can’t find any links to their site anymore, so I don’t know if their still in business. (I always like to give credit to fellow artists.)This company cut an old book cover from the binding and attached loose leaf drawing paper with three ring binders to make a journal. Simple repurpose!

File Jun 27, 2 24 36 PM

Always looking for ideas, I found the site Sketchbook Explorations. Lisa Congdon teaches courses to share her uses of media and creativity in her own sketching processes. I was inspired by her images, and here’s the result:

File Jun 27, 1 48 01 PM

I used permanent markers to draw a background. Then I added the abstract motif with black fine line permanent marker. If I did this again, I would probably use a lighter purple since it’s a little too bold for a background.One thing about using permanent markers is that you can run into the situation where it bleeds though to the back side of the page. I decided to take the situation and run with it to make an inverse design on the reverse side in my sketchbook.  Since only the thick black lines of the round motif bled through, I could change the motif some and add some new details. The black has a better contrast and stands out nicely from the background plaid. Here’s the back side of the sketchbook page:

File Jun 27, 1 47 35 PM

I liked the these primitive disks and liked the process of adding details to the motifs. I saw a floral in it, so I took that idea and created a botanical page:

File Jun 27, 1 50 07 PM

Again, the color from these flowers bled through the page to the other side. I started adding detail to the colors. The bleeding effect creates a really nice watercolor effect, and is also nice as a simple abstraction:

File Jun 27, 1 48 21 PM

…but I kept going to create another floral page:

File Jun 27, 1 49 08 PM

That’s the end of a fun exploration and sketch session. For now!

I hope it’s inspiring.








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