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I’m creating new art works in a new space.

Updated: Oct 27

I had been taking a break from creating jewelry, but I’ve returned to the studio with some fresh ideas. I have some beautiful papers, artifacts, and found objects that are inspiring. I’m also thinking of what kind of beautiful inspiring things you want and need. Current events in the world have us on edge and people are dealing with these events in their own way. In the ongoing culture wars, many strongly agree or disagree with the way people perceive and act on things. If you’re here reading my blog, I would guess you appreciate the value of art to enhance your life and to divert from all the crazy division and strife. That leads me to ask – What can I do to enhance people’s lives through art? How can I do this in an Earth friendly manner? Check out what I’ve been creating and will create.

I want to reach all kind of people through my art and craft works. I like Etsy. It’s a site where you can find almost any type of hand made craft and service. There’s something there for every type of person, made by a diversity of artists and craftspeople. That’s why I started selling my hand made jewelry. Visit my shop site to purchase my work.

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