Jewelry work -

the process and the products. 


I work with semi precious and precious metals to create unique wearable art.  I make sure the metals I choose are from sustainable sources. Or I use existing metals and shape or melt them into new jewelry. That's the beauty of metalsmithing  with silver and copper. I have the ability to recycle right at my bench with the help of a torch and forging tools. 

This is my collection of jewelry work. My titanium jewelry is heat colored. Heat coloring is achieved by applying an open flame to titanium. The longer you heat it, colors will change.  There is a spectrum of colors that is created by heating the metal. The hotter the flame, the bluer the color.  No two pieces have the same coloring.  So every piece of jewelry is unique.  

My jewelry is based on organic shapes.  Every piece is hand cut and formed, so a shape of a leaf or petal of a flower is slightly different, just like in nature. 

You can now purchase my work on Click on Etsy Shop to view and purchase jewelry.